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You’ve got the big, fancy lock up on your front door. You have a similar one in your backyard, and maybe another lock on that fence for good measure. You set up your home alarm system, and that’s it, right? Your family and property are safe and sound. Not so fast!The garage door is a security oversight you simply can’t afford to make. Arguably the largest entry point into any home, many homeowners forget just how crucial they are to security.

Not only is your vehicle entirely exposed to anyone who gains access to your garage - so is your home. The privacy of garages gives home invaders ample time to gain access to your property without alarming the neighbors. So, whether you’re installing a new garage door or want to fix a rickety old one, quality is paramount.

Here at Mr. Locksmith and Garage Doors, we offer affordable, secure, professional Renton garage door services. Nowhere in Renton will you find a team of skilled technicians so dedicated to protecting your property. Our staff is routinely trained in the newest tech and devices to secure your garage.

We take care?

Our top-rated professionals will answer your calls swiftly, providing timely assistance for all your garage door-related emergencies. Our experts have combined decades of experience dealing with all sorts of garage door security issues.Don’t be afraid to ask them about the process, either! At Mr. Locksmith and Garage Doors, we bring the customer along for the ride. We believe in providing not just safety, but peace of mind as well. And to trust your garage door, you must understand the system that secures it. So give us a call, and ask away!

Our helpful staff will be more than happy to field any questions you throw their way. Make sure you explore all your options! We can set you up with intercom systems to tighten up security around your garage door. Surveillance systems? You bet. Indoor and outdoor cameras, wiring and installation faster than you can say “safety”. Do you want to put a security vault into your garage? We’ve got you covered.

But we’re not here only for the newfangled security measures. Our bread and butter is fixing up your old garage doors. We’ll repair your broken springs, rewire your connections and get that remote working right as rain. Has your garage door been squeaking nonstop since last winter? We know just how to fix that.

What do we have?

We carry a huge stock of high-quality parts and replacements at all times, at competitive prices. Now THAT is expedited repair service! Don’t choose between speed and price, get the best of both worlds with Mr. Locksmith and Garage Doors. And we carry so many options, they’ll make your head spin!We have all the best-rated bands and an incredibly varied range of high-quality products at your disposal. From digital access systems to entire security monitoring for your garage door, we carry everything you can think of.

Whether it’s at your home or at the workplace, an inoperative garage door seriously cramps your style. The inconvenience is mortifying and time-consuming, and the added insecurity will keep you awake though many sleepless nights. Don’t toss and turn in bed, make the decision and give us a call, today!

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