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Why do you need this?

Trying to stay on top of the game in Renton is not an easy task. Many locksmith solutions come out every year, and each of them has its pros and cons.
Call the experts at Mr Locksmith and Garage Doors, and our certified agents will tell you everything there is to know about new locks, anti-theft devices, and emergency hardware.
Commercial locks are sturdier than their residential counter parts, and can withstand a lot of abuse. However, business and industrial environments pose very different problems for locks and doors, and losing or breaking a key is a common story among business owners.
You need to keep the contact of a trusted commercial locksmith at hand in case of emergency!
If you own or operate a business in Renton, you know how tough it can be. Between the clients, the employees, the economy, taxes and regulations, the going gets rough. The last thing you need to is worries about the safety of your business, assets, staff and office space.
Many commercial locksmith operations out thee will set you up with a fancy lock (while charging a pretty penny). But that’s hardly enough to keep the business you’ve worked so hard for safe and secure. Here at Mr. Locksmith and Garage Doors, we do things a little differently.

Why us?

We ensure our clients get to experience total security. That means providing regular safety scans and security risk assessments for each of your properties. We’ll find where your security is weakest and tell you exactly how to bolster it.
We’ll also offer you a full range of protection systems and solutions to match your needs. Every business is different, with different infrastructures, assets, buildings and resource management schemes. So their commercial locksmith needs are all different as well.At Mr. Locksmith and Garage Doors, our certified, professional staff is ready to handle all sorts of commercial locksmithing. Trained in every type of lock, building and security mechanism out thee, our locksmiths always offer the best solution.
And solutions we have a-plenty. Digital, high-security, anti-jimmying, you name it, we’ve got it, in a wealth of options to choose from. Need added security? Call us now and ask about biometric systems, keyless entry systems and much more. From a hospital to an evidence room, we’ve seen it all. And we’ll keep it locked tight for you.


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